CEWNOTE — The Decentralized Solution for FAKE NEWS.

The world we currently live in has been labelled a global village by many based on the fact that it doesn’t take much time for news to reach the other corner of the world and cause an impact. But with the growth of the News Industry came the realization that people can only react to a story when it reaches them and in what form it gets there can decide the course of history. Soon this industry was taken over by corporate and political interests and became a tool for manipulation of the masses instead of something that brought the world together. Giant Centralized Media houses at the mercy of Power were and will remain a tool for manipulation and FAKE NEWS. Even when game changers like Social Media with public access became a major source of public awareness and started causing stirs around the world, it was soon realized that even they are dominated by fake and misleading news sources and in the end are essentially centralized, left to the mercy of people who own it. And when specialized platform dedicated to open distribution of true facts are initiated, most of them collapse due to lack of revenue. So the problems that stand in the way of free and fair distribution of factual information are summarized as:

1. Centralized Media Houses.

2. Misleading and Fake News.

3. Lack of Proper Incentive for distribution of factually true News.

Introducing CEW NOTE, a solution for all of these problems based around the innovative Decentralized Ethereum Blockchain. CEW NOTE will become a platform for news distribution on which anyone can become a journalist reporting on their side of the story from their point of view. The community itself will serve as the generator, the fact checker and distributors of factually correct news stories. Once a news article is added to the Decentralized Blockchain it will be virtually impossible to take down or control. If the community wants the news it will spread further on the globe, with no control of any form of authority. And this whole system will be powered by a CEW NOTE Token based economy that incentivizes the community to contribute to the platform. When a member adds a story, other members can up-vote it and share it further which will generate CEW NOTE Tokens for the contributor of that news and that contributor can then cash out his effort, which then solves the problem of lack of reward. The higher the interaction a news story generates higher will be the reward for the contributor, who can then work on factually true news without the pressure or control of an employer. CEW NOTES takes the power of NEWS and gives it back to the community it serves where it is free from interference and manipulation of interest groups trying to cash out on human emotions and feelings.

Website: https://cewnote.com

Telegram: https://t.me/CewnoteWorld