Cewnote-taking an overview on how it counters fake news?

As social media tools have now been developed and people have found various methods to connect and share what’s going around the world, they have become a favorite tool of activists and independent reporters. But again even with social media and all the other forums that give a voice to the voiceless they come with their fair share of problems. As it is with most social media or any other platform they are centralized often under the influence of some government or some propaganda machine, if not that then under threat from hackers and other such entities. And fake news has seem to taken the world over by a storm. And so the people don’t know what to trust or not anymore, and they have to turn back to the traditional corporate controlled media for their news.

And so under such circumstances Cewnote offers a perfect solution with its decentralized platform, it takes away the control of any single entity to make any changes to that news or even edit it. None other but the actual writer has control over what the article is meant to say. But again you might wonder this still doesn’t offer a solution to the epidemic of fake news and propaganda machinery. But for that we have another safe guard in place, anyone who writes an article on this decentralized platform will have to be open to voting on their respective pieces of writing. These votes will be cast by the readers of the concerned news along multiple dimensions, such as trustworthy, unbiased or factually true. The article which has more positive votes will be boasted upwards in its own respective category and will reach more people. And those members who are highly trusted by their community will be allowed to work as editors on the Cewnote platform, and will be given the power to take action against fake, biased and untrustworthy articles before they are allowed to be published. For more details on how these safe guards will be implemented checkout our whitepaper.

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