What you don’t find on Google Maps.

If you are a tourist visiting Sri Lanka, you may have been caught off guard at the cost of travelling in Sri Lanka. The popular tourist cities such as Colombo, Negombo, Kandy, Mirissa all have plenty of dining options. However for a developing country you would be surprised to know that these restaurants are pretty pricey. Especially if you are comparing Sri lanka to other middle income destinations such as Thailand, Vietnam or India. …

Obstacles Facing Middle Income/Developing Countries That Can Be Addressed By the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has been attempting to be a successful disruptive technology impacting the developed world. However you might be surprised to hear that cryptocurrency is predicted to make the biggest impact on the middle income or developing countries. It can be asserted that many obstacles faced by these countries such as hyperinflation, limited access to safe and secure banking, limited financial transparency can all be addressed by the introduction of cryptocurrency. The blockchain movement can allow the developing countries access to the modern global economy.

There are…

Sri lanka is an Island of opportunity. Since the boom of tourism and the influx of cash into the local economy Sri Lankans have found themselves in a new consumer friendly position.

According to data published by the Oxford Business Group, the retail sector in Sri Lanka has experienced formidable growth in the last few years. …

Colombo City, Sri Lanka.

Once named Ceylon, an island located south of India, surrounded by beautiful beaches, lush green trees, tropical climate and abundant wildlife at all corners of the land, boasted exports of fine tea and cinnamon. Everything was well, until 1983, civil unrest broke, insurgency, the land was now occupied by war. Arguably the worst time to have fallen to such vicissitude. While the west was innovating and their technology booming, Sri Lanka was suffering. And it did for 25 years managing to create one of the most advanced rebel forces in the world. …


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