Advanced amazon search site is back online! More features on the way… has been shut down for a while because of termination of our affiliate account by Amazon. Jeviz is basically advanced amazon search tool or in other terms it is amazon search on steroids! It was a tough decision for me to shut it down, I was generating revenue from affiliate account. Before termination my account I was planning to add more features and more amazon locales to jeviz.

One odd thing is there are sites which provides some sort of search features to amazon and amazon have no problems with these sites. By the way provides the most comprehensive search features on the internet.

Now recently I have made online again. I had been receiving many user emails either about their feelings about what happened to jeviz or encouraging making it online again.

Amazon shut down my affiliate account because they did not liked how jeviz providing a better search experience to users. Amazon did not want you to find best deals, getting more sort options and more filters to find the right product you want. Instead of this Amazon wants you to buy whatever they show to you.

I want to give these search features not only with just jeviz but with your own website/blog by creating an easy to install widget. Will you interested such a widget? You could add your own affiliate tag to this widget and starting to generate revenue by using it. I am planning to make it donationware. If you like it you may donate few bucks or use it always free. What are the additional features do you want from jeviz? What locales do you want most?Development of widget will take my time so if you interested in widget please give your comments.

Thank you for you all support,