Amazon Search Hack: Eliminate Amazon products that have 4 or 5 stars but only few reviews!

I have recently announced my web project in hackernews which I describe in short Amazon Search on Steroids!

One of the most requested search feature from users is eliminate 4 or 5 star products that have only 1 or 2 reviews. I think it is a very common problem.

Actually you can already do it with by giving low rank to products with few reviews so products with most reviews come up first.

Let’s search in Electronics Department for “Over-ear Headphones” . By default Amazon sorts products by Relevance and top results are Sponsored so you will see a product with only 3 reviews in the first row.

Amazon default search

Now select 4 Stars & Up to eliminate products with few stars.

If you do this you will get result shown below which is better than previous search but we still get only 3 reviewed product at the top which is sponsored.

If you scroll-down in the first result page you will see more like this. As you can see 2 and 4 reviewed products as shown below.

If you change sort by to Avg. Customer Review you will get 5 star products at top that do not have much reviews.

If you scroll-down number of reviews will get lower even in the first page result:

A Better Search Alternative

Let’s try this search with as below:

Key sausage in here is Most Reviews sort option, which Amazon hides in most of the departments. We also chose 4 Stars & Up as before to eliminate low quality products.

Here is the result:

Voila!, first result is a best seller product with 35.226 reviews and if you scroll-down you can see that other products are highly reviewed minimum 4 star products. Although in the Sort by dropdown menu Relevance is chosen actually it is sorted by “Most Reviews”.

“Most Reviews” sort option only works when you select a department. You can see it in, if All Departments is chosen only few sort options available so please first choose a department.
I do not recommend choosing 5 star only option of Average Customer Review in Because it means that all the reviews must be 5 stars, even if one user voted for 4 stars you will filter out it by this option. Amazon even hides this option and it shows only 4 Stars & Up and there is no 5 Stars only option. If you know what you are doing and looking only 5 stars products then chose this option which is not generally the case.

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