Programming At Its Best

We live in a country where 36% of Americans rate money as the most important thing in life, while 3% of Americans believe that homelessness/poverty/hunger is the most important problem facing the country today. Over the years, we’ve been programmed to believe that materialistic objects (i.e., a piece of paper referred to as a ‘dollar’) should be considered more valuable than a persons life. America was created off brainwashing and was one of the biggest techniques used while colonizing. They stripped the natives of their native tongues, killed them, took away their culture, forced them to abide by their demands, and took their children with harm and brainwashed them to grow up knowing only what they teach them, which has been passed down through generations. Specifically, African Americans have been programmed the most effectively throughout American history.

Religion, education, love and fear are four of the biggest motives in life. Knowledge is power and with knowing what the biggest influences are, the Europeans took advantage of that power when bringing African slaves over to America. During the early days of slavery, it was illegal for a black slave to learn how to read in fear of them finding out that how they are being treated was unjustly. While reading was not an option, listening is a human characteristic that you’re born with, so what the slaves were told was all they knew. While teaching the slaves Christianity and preaching the word of the bible, the European immigrants interpreted the scriptures to make it seem as if the slaves were put on Earth to serve their “master” and used other religious tactics to control their view on life, view of themselves and behavior in the field. They were also taught to worship a white Jesus causing them to believe that everyone originated from the white man. Everyone they answered and looked up to had a white face, from the plantation owner to who answers their prayers and determines rather they’d go to heaven or hell. That’s deep. That’s programming at its finest because it causes the mental to believe that they are less than who they are and subconsciously influences them to want to be the white man with such high power.

Everything that America was built on was meant for the white man to be at the top, even the American language. We’ve used certain words and phrases for years that depict and are destructive to the black people’s image. For example: blackball, blacklisted, black magic, black market, dark mood, blackhearted, and a day of discounted material objects that we call Black Friday. All these terms have low vibrational meanings, so it automatically puts a negative connotation on the word black that’s used as a color as well as a description of the African-American race. “While the color white symbolized purity (Negroes may be found singing in church houses, even today, that they are going to be “washed white as snow in the blood of the lamb”) (Black Fire 180). Along with blacks being taught to worship a white Jesus, they were taught “to sing that they wanted to “be more and more like Jesus” who would be “riding six white horses when he comes” (Black Fire 180). They’re not just colors, but a representation of how America can take something so simple and small to regulate how we think about this big world that we live in.

We need knowledge in our black community because we need power in the world. We must use the methods that were used against us and take advantage of our influences. Not for discriminatory purposes, but to bring unity to our phenomenal people with marvelous melanin filled skin. Overall, how we live today all stems down from past history. And I use the word stem because it is the connection of the root and what blooms, the start and the beginning, the past and the future. How we grow is determined on the things that we choose to feed the seed. We’ve already been planted, but it is our choice to provide it with water and sunlight or pesticide or even nothing at all. Be big. Be bold. Be knowledgeable and life changing.