Taking a growth step

After 1 year of product development, we’re seeing adoption with paying customers and app integrations. We’re getting into more “bakeoffs” with incumbent competing products and doing well against them.

As a result, feedback is streaming in and our product development is becoming based on actual usage and data — not qualitative measurement or trial and error.

This suggests two things:

  1. Our product is in a place where customers are willing to take risks on our smaller company, and
  2. Customers are paying as much as they do for competing services

Assuming that this is a leading indicator for product/market fit, now we need to figure out how to scale the company and the sales before our competition can catch up with our product’s competitive edge.

We’re entering into a new stage of the company’s life. The coming months will be devoted to solving a drastically different problem than the previous 18. Until now, our focus was to build a product that customers want and get them to pay for it.

This next step will be about effectiveness of distribution. It’s really expensive to do field sales and “push” enterprise products. What we want to establish is a way to pull customers to our product, widen the top of the funnel, and convert those users through quicker bakeoffs.

I’m excited to take on this next set of challenges.

Originally published at farmcp.tumblr.com.

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