Uhhhhh…. where do I begin. I wanna preface that nights like last night come once like every decade…maybe. Last night was like a dream, but you need some context real quick. About a year ago I was into the platinum silver blonde hair look and debating if I should do it or not. I stumbled upon this male model named Lucky Blue, yes that is his actual name. I then started following him on instagram and taking notes on his fashion presence. Over the past few months he and his 3 sisters formed a pop surf-rock band with a like a hint of Amy Winehouse called The Atomics. A few days ago I saw on Lucky’s insta that they were playing a show at the House of Blues here in San Diego. That brings us to friday.

So I get back to the boat after work, I’m alone, cold, small and wrestles. I remember that Lucky is playing tonight, but I was skeptical of going cause I’m a 26 year-old straight male and 99% of the crowd I assumed would be screaming teenage girls. Boy was I wrong. So I make a game-time decision and buy one ticket for myself cause I had no desire to convince anyone to go see a concert where an 18 year old male model I respected was playing drums for a rock band. So I buy my ticket. Suddenly the door opens on the boat and Evan (other roomate) walks in. I tell him what I’m about to go do downtown and he is totally in. Saweeeeeet!!!! We show up at the House of Blues it is currently 8pm pacific time. I find the the voodoo room and walk inside but there was about 10 people inside. I was confused cause I thought this was a big band I had just recently heard of. FALSE!

PAUSE! Okay, I need to take a moment and explain the Smith family to you so you can get on my level. The Atomics are made up of the four Smith kids. Starting with the the youngest these are their real names: Lucky Blue 18. Pyper America 19. Daisy Clementine 21. Queen Starlie 23. They are all signed to NEXT modeling and are all absolutely stunning. There are so many things that are riduclous about this. Collectively they have over 4 million followers on instagram with Lucky carrying the bulk with about 3 million. Lucky Blue is a male model phenomenom. He has been compared to James Dean with his demeanor and looks. He is already modeled for Tom Ford, Fendi, Chanel Versace and Bottega Veneta. He is one of the most famous and sought after male models in the world. But the thing is I already knews this, thats why I was at the show. I wanted to meet James Dean. But, instead we got a lot more than what we bargined for, and it was awesome.

So the Show starts and they immediatly give of the impression of pure rock stars. They are so cool and confident and beautiful and full of spunk, Daisy is shredding on lead guitar. Pyper is thumpin on bass. Starlie is a goddess on the mic and little Lucky is in the back pounding on the drums. Each song only got better and better and their energy on stage was intoxicating, seriously it was crazy! Oh! I forgot to tell you that there was only 30 people max that showed up for the concert. The room was 90% empty, but it didn’t feel weird it was so initmate and personal. Pyper and Daisy were crackin jokes all night long while big sister Starlie tried to keep everyone in line. It was hilarious.

So the show ends and I’m starstruck in love with them. I want to know them so bad. I was crushing on them all so hard, even Lucky (and still am) It truly is impossible to describe. Anyone reading this must see them but more importantly meet them. After the show I’m in a trance and am trying to find them so I can get to know them and maybe get a picture. I nab Lucky first and we start chatting and Its cool we’re talking about good places to play at in SD and what he has been up to and he tells me that tonights show was the bands 4th ever show…what?!!!, mind you he is 18. Anyways, Evan and I get a picture with him and its hilrious, I didn’t know that he is a giant. Next I track down the girls and complimented them and possibly gave Daisy the best smolder face I got, she is gorgeous. We took like 10 photos with them and I picked my favorite for ya below.

It was like a bunch of celebrites made a band the no one had ever heard of and then performed and I just happened to be there with my jaw on the flow. There is more to tonight, thats good for now. If you have any questions or want more to the story text me — 616–970–5083

Please listen to The Atomics!



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