Let me take it from here.

Play this loud before you read quiet.

In the context of man made things, in this case economics and religion, I believe the best, the greatest, the most wise creation man has ever made is the weekend. Whether we acknowledge it or not, whether we work on Saturday and Sunday or not. There is an energy that exists on the weekend that can not be replicated. That was boring…sorry. WHO LOVES TO GET OVERLY EXISTENTIAL? Put a hand up in the air! Now sit back down and lets play heads up 7-up! Cheating is allowed.

TRANSITION! There are literally no girls in SD. Its an issue. Ask any guy who listens to Angel Olsen and wears Nudie Jeans and they will tell you the same thing. SD is dry to the bone. No girls.

I really wanna go to Venice Beach! Please let me know if you wanna go; you must be a beautiful brunette, apprieciates art history, good music, good poetry, has a hint of grundge and respects her body by wearing beautiful clothing… oh! and a hint a valley girl ain’t hurt no one. Am I right?! (high five).

So everyday I have been taking 200% percent of my daily Vitamin C to get well. They’re adult gummies, and taste amazing. My question is: when did gummies get a ratings? They are for children only? Why does it have to be made known that I’m about to buy RATED R XXX ADULT GUMMIES SEX DRUGS SEX MONEY SEX GUMMIES!!!…dumb. If thats true then “they” should have to check your ID before you buy Smarties.

We took the boat out, it was cool. pic below.

I guess the highlight of the week was that on Sunday night our pastor threw a house party, three of my friends Stacia, Evan and Jay and I decided to go. Mid-way thru the party right as my pastor is about to give a little speech, my friends leave without me knowing. I’m sitting front and center to this “speech” when all of a suddem my phone Mt. St Helens all over me. I look at it, my friends have been furiously texting me to leave. I run out of the party jump in the car and within the first half a mile of driving down the road KARMA HITS! Stacia’s car breaksdown. We have to get it towed and the car is finished. done. bye. gone. done. sex.

We then immeditaly celebrated how dumb cars are at a dirty dive bar and I was able to get a pic in the bathroom. Swaggy

Oh, Brian and I just finished making this table. Its kinda dope I guess.

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