You could argue that the deal is better for Amazon than it is for Pebble
Pebble’s New Core Competency is Alexa
Steven Levy

To me, I’d say it’s about even. Without someone like Amazon “partnering” with them (for lack of a better word) I personally think these products will be Pebble’s last (which is a shame as i loved the idea). Too feature limited with the more popular phones. Hopefully with a team like that behind Alexa, if Amazon was looking to acquire someone like Pebble, a genuinely innovative and early to market product could survive.

Given, in my opinion, that Amazon are the only major player in the mobile computing space without a wearable (most major hardware companies seem to be using Google’s AndroidWear, for better or worse, Samsung has Tizen, Apple WatchOS, Microsoft it’s Band) I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of an acquisition at some point if the current Kickstarter manages to keep Pebble afloat.

Back to my original point, the deal is 50:50 as it gives Pebble an edge and a chance at survival. From a purely opportunity cost perspective incredible for Pebble. Amazon get a niche product tie up with its own fairly niche product (due to its availability only being in the US rather than anything else). But I’d say Amazon are about the only company likely to save Pebble from being a victim of “early to market” innovation. Let’s hope they don’t blow it like Google did with Nest etc.

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