Mortal Cognizance Framework

An experiential framework derived from the realization that each and every individual remains at the disposition of a greater entity to which they must acknowledge— rather than at the disposition of their bio-psycho-social environment. When fully understood, the individual begins to realize that, due to the fall of man they have received a state of mortality. This state induces feelings of destitution, which many psychoanalytic methods fail to resolve.

Before this mindset is achieved, the individual believes they are able to function solely through self sufficiency. Therefore, it is arguable that until this framework is implemented, an individual remains unable to achieve full spiritual maturation.

Throughout the past few years I have been given the opportunity to formulate this experiential concept. This definition was essentially derived from introspection regarding my own mortality, through observation of the powerlessness we mere mortals possess. After struggling with a mental disorder, I was forced to obtain a new perspective concerning my life objectives. I began to realize that psychoanalytic methods merely served as child-sized band aids on my amputated limb. During my battle with Anorexia, I came to the harsh realization that my skewed mindset was indefinitely linked to my own human selfishness due to my inherent sinful nature.

I had a God sized void, that no man sized solutions could suffice.

Consequently, my only chance of survival from this disease was to obtain a state of selflessness brought about by embodying a posture of repentance. In other words, I needed to realize that my disorder stemmed from sin, brought about by the fall of man. Therefore, the cure could not be achieved from worldly methods (Counseling/Psychoanalysis) rather, the healing could only begin once I realized that existing to glorify my own name was meaningless. I was made to exist to glorify His name. I was truly cured when I realized that I exist entirely at the Lord’s disposition. Without him, I remain a useless vessel. Therefore, in order to achieve self-actualization as well as spiritual maturation, I first had to obtain and master the concept of Mortal Cognizance.

You too must realize that you are fully at the Lord’s disposition.

Dis·po·si·tion — the power to deal with something as one pleases.

There’s something so humbling about being at the Lord’s disposition. Too often we forget we are not the sole dictators of our destiny. Subsequently, a majority of our future is determined by means of which we cannot control.

Within this framework, it is crucial for the individual to succumb to the realization that as a mortal being they are subject to pain and death at any moment. Comprehending, their indefinite powerlessness to the unfolding of life’s unpredictable circumstances. Acknowledging the truth that, “Birth is a terminal condition”. When applied, the individual begins to realize that they, in actuality, must exist for some greater purpose than their own demise.

Instead of living in continual stress derived from unsuccessful attempts to control their own fate, through Mortal Cognizance, the individual is enabled to live with abandon. Recklessly relinquishing the things they once chased tirelessly, admitting that their worldly aspirations were nothing more than unsatisfactory idols. It is then that the mortal initiates their life long pursuit — seeking to obtain meaningful desires upon the realization of their inferiority. For Christians, realizing that they are mere plastic blue and pink colored pegs in Gods game of LIFE™.

At its best, Mortal Cognizance is primarily an idea, designed to assist individuals in understanding the following:

First: Psychoanalytic techniques are not a cure-all.

Second: We are at the full disposition of God.

To truly understand Mortal Cognizance one must be completely humbled. Humility can only be received through the removal of pride, via the demolition of a persons earthly identity.
Don’t know how to experience identity demolition? Ask God. He will be more than happy to help.