It’s not about the Nail

When you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

There is something very interesting about those two statements. They illustrate blind spots that we all have. Objectivity is difficult to obtain and maintain. We all have our experiences or baggage. And even though our experience can help our intuition, it often hinders our intuition by allowing us to take a short cut in our thinking. It is much easier to stereotype what we see than it is to look objectivity with fresh eyes on each situation. That is a lot of work for a modern burned out over stimulated busy person who lacks the time it would take to give thoughtful consideration to things.

Of course there is the neuron thing, and IQ, and photographic memory. But all that aside, could we not make better analysis and decisions if we just allow raw perceptions to filter in, and then take a deep breath, and finally, review and organize the data with unbiased eyes. But you can never have enough data. So decision by intuition must be used, but refreshing our screens from time to time may improve accuracy.

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