The Trump Thing

Well to be honest, it’s really a Tea Party thing or behind that a Koch Brothers thing or behind that a John Butch Society thing.

I remember when I was in high school, there was this ultra conservative girl who had a crush on me. She used to write me love letters and leave them in my locker. I actually liked her as a friend, but she came on so strong I was not inclined to have her as a girl friend. I did however visit a John Birch Society meeting with her. Apparently her parents were members. That kind of explained why she was wound so tight. I remember thinking that the meeting was a lot like a cult. I had another girl friend who was a Mormon and a friend who was a Jehova’s witness. The John Birchers were far scarier. They reminded me of Nazis. Everything was so formal and serious. Going to a Bircher meeting you felt like the sky was falling and if you didn’t sign up and follow their directions, you would surely die, or the world would end. It was a lot like going to a time share sales meeting but without the cheap gift that they give you for listening to an hour of bullshit.

Anyway, Trumpster, Tea Party, Kochsters are a lot like Birtchers. All talk, everything is a big emergency and you had better do what they say or you will die, or more likely, they will kill you by cutting off your air. I have always found that regardless of everything else, liberal women are much more loving than the haters, I mean Birchers

But here we are, in a big sea of hate, a divided nation. At this point I am inclined to let this run away train just run its course. Sure the usual people will suffer, the poor. But they should have voted. The best cure for a fanatic group of haters is to get out of the way and let them destroy stuff. Let them destroy a lot of stuff, the more the better.

By getting out of the way and letting them destroy stuff, like every agency that appointees were put in charge of, this accomplishes two things. First of all, it cuts back on entrenched bureaucracies so that we can see if they can be more efficient or if we really need them. Secondly, if the haters are wrong, letting this train run will let all of us see the truth of the matter. Until those that voted for Trump can see, live through and really feel the results of a Trump presidency, how else will they learn what is really behind Trump, Tea Party, Koch, and John Burch.

In two years there will be another election. And the house will change over. Then in two more years, another election and the presidency and the Senate will change over.

The Koch Brothers did and excellent job of using think takes to put together the strategic alliance of NRA, religious anti abortion zealots, wanna be rich guys and few white supremacists which belong to all three groups. And after losing to Obama they learned and did a superb job of flying under the radar this time. But what they failed to see is that as they use this unholy trinity to steal from the masses, they are still out numbered and when you rape and pillage on such a large scale, even the carefully crafted words and commercials will not cover up their deeds.

So again, the best cure for Trump Tea Koch Birch is to turn the other cheek, let them hit us all again and again, until the entire country suffers and units to elect the next Bernie Sanders. Remember, the 97% can not be the 3% and the 3% can not fool all of the people all of the time.

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