BusinessForce Congratulates Mayor Dyer and the City Council on Board of Governor’s Approval of Downtown Campus

March 3, 2016

ORLANDO, FL (March 3, 2016) — The University of Central Florida/Valencia State College downtown campus will advance the economic diversification of our region by attracting new companies and workers to the downtown corridor. As a catalyst for the Creative Village, new academic programs will ensure a pipeline of talented young people enter the workforce, prepared to succeed. The downtown campus will create an environment for entrepreneurship and new high paying jobs to help drive our local economy forward.

“I want to thank Orlando Mayor Dyer for his leadership in advancing the University of Central Florida/Valencia State College downtown campus, and thank the broader community for stepping in to provide critical funding, which proves that our community is committed to this project. The Board of Governor’s approval of the downtown campus is a critical step in making the downtown campus a reality,” said Craig Swygert, BusinessForce Chair and President of the Orlando Division of Clear Channel Outdoor.

BusinessForce is the political action arm of the Central Florida Partnership. BusinessForce’s goal is to affect positive change in Central Florida through regional public policy advocacy and by encouraging and supporting candidates for public office who, as public officials, will embrace free enterprise and sound, responsible business practices in government.


CONTACT: Robert Agrusa, Executive Director

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