Do you need to Read Derrida to become a poststructuralist?


My initial sense of this was to get a red pen & amend some of the errors in composition, such as capitalisation & spacing. However, accepting contemporary tolerance with mobile devices & instant communication; but also making the point that journalist writing standards are upheld to maintain credibility where faulty writing affects credibility, displaying lack of attention & due care; I go on.

No, you do not need to read Derrida to become a post-structuralist. There are other writers such as Lacan, Kristeva, Foucault, et al. Obviously, I was using Derrida as an example, but if you did not know who Nietzsche was you might be struggling. As for Rousseau & Republicanism, apart from the aliteration, I’m not sure of the relationship. Hobbes might be a better example.

Following your point about not needing to read Derrida, a similar argument might be that one does not need to attend church to be a Christian, yet an understanding of the bible is valuable, particularly with reference to moral examples. The same might apply to Muslims with the Quran.

Ok. Moving on. So your main argument is that the system is fucked so this is not about Trump. Correct, but not accurate. Trump is the perfect signifier of a fucked system. He was not supported by the majority of Americans in a full election (here, in Australia we have compulsory voting where the majority is a definite majority). America proselytises democracy around the world yet isn’t one. All the hoopla of primaries is indulgent showbiz.

It might be corect to say that Trump is an outsider, unlike Clinton. That works in respect of him being outside of the political establishment, but he remains a billionaire elected to the presidency. Him, his family, & his colleagues are going to make a killing in more ways than one. The Trump name is for sale, don’t you believe otherwise.

Trump made his money as a property wheeler dealer in New York. To say he is totally outside the establishment is naive. You can’t build a building or develop property without dealing with the city, which is a facet of the state & governance. He might be a private entrepreneur, but he still has to negotiate with & have favours from public officials. This is the city at the centre of the Global Financial Crisis. Clean hands? Joking.

Sure, the mainstream press is suspended between the demands of its commercial overlords & its university educated journalist class. But the truth emerges when one look at their fallen superannuation earnings consequent to a massive default in the US subprime mortgage sector.

There is factual truth & bullshit/fiction. To say that 6 million Jews did not die as a consequence of Nazi policies in the Holocaust is bullshit. Similar might be argued about the disproportionate number of African-Americans killed by police officers. Similar might also be argued about the consequences of industrialisation on climate. Despite the ideological waffle, which is intended to confuse, there is an underlying bedrock of common evidence that is reported by the media. Trump himself is a media consumer, & he will reference the media when he chooses.

The system has always been fucked. There are winners like Trump, & losers like people in rust belt America, Syria, Yemen, … Asia has changed dramatically in the last 40 or so years, with both a burgeoning middle class & significant poverty. Trump perceives his success as a consequence of his character, while others are quite critical. To say others are losers, bad, & nasty betrays a flawed indulgent character. That is the bottom line, & the question is, is how far down will he go? His example is not Christian. We all live in one world, this planet.