Not really.
Amber Lisa


Your reference to Rashomon confirmed the existence of objective reality. A man died, consequent to the cessation of his life functions, specifically brain & circulation. The causality of his death may be confused, but that single fact of his demise is enough. Apart from the dodgy medium account, everything else suggest he was killed. The accounts differ because of motivation & perspective, which is understandable.

A comparison might be made with Trump’s inauguration. Apparently it was raining, & photographs confirm this with people under umbrellas & plastic ponchos. However, Trump claimed ‘it became really sunny’. Similar applies to his exaggeration of attendance. Clearly, in his mind he imagined his great sunny best ever inauguration. Such suited his self confidence & image. But that does not change objective reality. Resurrection only happened once according to the bible, & Rashomon is not about that.

Here’s the thing. The conservative right considers white is white & black is black. Never the twain should be confused. Thus the moral system of the good & the bad, which is predicated in the law of the land. Thus good god fearing law abiding citizens should be safe from evil, criminal, bad hombres. Yet the laws of the land preface innocent until proven guilty & equal treatment under the law. Historically speaking, the US has made itself great through colonisation, slave labour, & yes the hard work of pioneering folk farming, building railroads, etc. This is a rich mix that can be read ideologically. The contemporary Black Lives Matter movement is precisely about the discriminatory targeting of black people by police officers. When this is supported by statistics of incarceration rates & fatality figures, then it is not a grey area. If the right care about law & order and public safety, then there is only one right answer: to protect the innocent until they are proven guilty.

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