The Extraterrestrial Roots of Immortality in Egypt

Cameron Venus
Professor Keaton Wynn
Survey of Non-Western Art History
November 21, 2014

The Extraterrestrial Roots of Immortality in Egypt

Order, stability, and balance are associated with power in African art and within the culture of its people. There are sacred geometric principles that manifest in African art, creating the aura that is called “coolness” by the Yoruba people. Western European arrogance and the infringement of sacred writings and primitive artwork by the male patriarchs of modern societies have made research challenging; however, there are texts and artifacts being recovered each year that elaborate extensively on the esoteric cultural truths of Akhenaten & Nefertiti, and also Queen Tiye. There appears to be more to the story on how Egypt rose to power. Also, there is much in question about who Akhenaten and Nefertiti’s actual parents were, why they were depicted as over ten feet tall and why their skulls were elongated. Let us take a closer look and begin to understand the occult history and belief systems of Akhenaten, Nefertiti and Queen Tiye and describe how their actions still influence the world as we approach 2015.

Today in Egypt, there is a fraternity of people, both male and female, who are the keepers of ancient, mysterious teachings. This group who people is known today as the Tat Brotherhood; they are the protectors and keepers of the sacred temples. Esoteric Egyptian knowledge proclaims that there are spiritual beings that guide and order the steps of the Tat Brotherhood , beings that roamed the Earth during the times of Lemuria and Atlantis. These beings are said to be immortal, having achieved enlightenment, or Christ consciousness , which means their memories will remain intact forever. They possess a divine intuition that the rational mind could not conceive of and have also escaped the cycle of birth and rebirth. They are able to manifest phenomena from the higher realms by way of their unfathomable power of intent and mastery of thought and emotion.

Moreover, these beings are said to be the neters that are worshipped in Egyptian religion. Neteru was an Egyptian term for the angels, who we will discuss later. One of these neters is called Thoth, former priest-king of Atlantis. Thoth plays a major role in the birth and ascension of Akhenaten. Known to the Greeks as Hermes, messenger of the Gods, Thoth is said to be the God of Wisdom, and the sole being esoterically accredited with the construction of the pyramids at Giza. Conjunctively, Thoth was the reason the Egyptians had their mathematical knowledge of the Golden Mean. He understood that the numbers Pi and Phi, as well as the natural logarithm constant e were the most profound constants in nature. He and other elders helped to teach this in the mystery schools at the temples in Egypt, and soon the people incorporated these mathematical principles into the architecture and the sculptures. Though the Greeks and namely Pythagoras were credited with the discovery of the Golden Mean, R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz, who studied the Temple at Luxor from 1837 to 1952, has provided undeniable evidence that the architect of the Giza Pyramid possessed the knowledge of the Golden Mean a millennium before Pythagoras’ time.

Now, let us acknowledge the drastic shift in the traditional beliefs and artwork of Egypt during the Amarna Period. There were many kings that preceded Akhenaten but Akhenaten was actually one of the first pharaohs. Pharaoh actually means “god-king”. Drunvalo Melchizedek, initiate of the Great Pyramid and temples in Egypt, affirms that pharaoh also means “that which you will become”. With that being said, we can observe how Akhenaten served as an archetype for the higher states of consciousness that we are all capable of achieving. Soon after he took the throne, he began a religious reform that made the claim that all the gods that had been worshipped in the years preceding the Amarna Period were simply manifestations of the one true god, Aten. He asserted that everyone be truthful in their everyday lives as well as in their art, which means that an artist was expected to illustrate things just as he/she saw them in nature. Additionally, no one was allowed to wear clothes except for ceremonial purposes. This is evident in the sculpture of Nefertiti where she is naked. Also, we see androgynous features in the statue of Akhenaten, with curving hips. He also has an elongated skull, a drooping belly, thin arms and legs and an extensive chin. There is also a colossus that shows Akhenaten with no genitals at all. We can be sure that if an artist portrayed the pharaoh in these unusual ways, it was under the direct consent of the king himself. Akhenaten was the first king to show himself in a loving manner with his wife and children. We might begin to ask why all of these things happened, why Akhenaten and Nefertiti had anatomical peculiarities and why the reign of Akhenaten brought about so much change. Let us open our minds to new possibilities.

There is a secret ancient history of Earth that was not publicly spoken of until recent times within the last century. An old Egyptian legend tells the story of Marduk and Tiamat, two gods who clashed in the cosmos and led to the creation of Earth. The planet Marduk collided with Tiamat and caused Tiamat to split, but not quite in two, not until one shar (one Nephilim year, 3600 Earth years) later. During the second collision, half of Tiamat was reduced to pieces that became the asteroid belt that exists in between Mars and Jupiter today; the other half became our Mother Earth. Marduk was given the name Nibiru, meaning the planet of crossing, because of the path of its orbit, crossing in between Mars and Jupiter. The second collision is also what gave the Earth her axial spin, allowing her to experience changing days and nights. The Tat Brotherhood professes that Lemuria was a rebel colony of the Nephilim who settled on Earth 445,000 years ago. Due to the deterioration of the atmosphere of Nibiru, the Nephilim came to Earth in search of gold so that they could pulverize it and use it to patch the breach in their atmosphere. They are an advanced race of beings whose life cycles, scientific knowledge and technology far transcend our own. Upon their arrival, Nephilim colonies were formed on the continent. Later, the colonies of Lemuria and Atlantis were established. The Anunnaki had been mining the gold themselves for tens of thousands of years and began to demand relief from their duties. After elder consultation, the Nephilim decided to genetically engineer a race of intelligent beings that were intended to be gold-mining slaves (that’s us).

Keeping an open mind, we can begin to explore the possible roots of our species through the esoteric teachings of ancient Egypt. The Anunnaki created the homo sapien species by infusing the blood of their own Nephilim race with the blood of earthling hominids through cross fertilization. Adam and Eve, the first civilized man and woman, were capable of reproduction despite being cross bred. Eventually though, the Nephilim began aging faster than usual because they had not been exposed to the Elixir of Life that was available on Nibiru and because they had stayed on Earth traveling a much shorter distance around the Sun. The elder Nephilim prepared to leave Earth, but before doing so, they left a record of the creation story of civilized man, and instructions for Adam and his descendants to abstain from consuming Nephilim food and drink. After several shars, the remaining Nephilim began to mate with earthling females, and there was a distinction between those who partially descended from the Nephilim and those who were totally earthlings. A war broke out between these two groups and those who were totally male earthlings were virtually wiped off the face of the planet. Following the war, a great flood was anticipated. Some of the ancient myths claim that the great flood was due to the approaching planet Nibiru, which was set to pass the Earth and cause great climate changes and tidal waves; others assert that the deluge was the result of thermonuclear war between the Atlantean and Lemurian colonies.

By this time, some of the elder Nephilim had developed a fondness for some of the earthlings and sought to save a select a few, though they originally planned withhold the knowledge of the oncoming flood and allow them all to die. A man sometimes referred to as Noah, who, like the Nephilim, is spoken of in the Bible, was actually the offspring of a Nephilim called Enki, who was a royal prince of Nibiru. He played a major role in the preservation of Earth species and the human race after he was given instructions by Enki to build a boat and carry the life essences of Earth’s species. The Nephilim simply avoided the great Deluge by boarding their spacecrafts and returned to Earth’s surface after the worst had transpired. This time, they settle along the Tigris and Euphrates River, as well as in what is today Saudi Arabia and also along the Nile.

After the flood; however, there was a great fall from consciousness amongst the surviving earthlings. There were a few Lemurians that survived and hid in underground cities within the Earth. Queen Tiy and her husband, Ai, were two of these survivors. Ai and Tiy, whose blood possess the DNA of the Anunnaki, had been schooled in the occult sciences and had been made to understand prana, meditation, and divine sexual energy. They practiced a sacred sexual meditation known as tantra, where the heartbeats and breaths of two unconditional lovers were synchronized and conception occurred on a higher dimension. Ai and Tiy found out that through this technique, they and their offspring were hypothetically immortalized. They soon began teaching this meditation to students at the mystery schools in Lemuria and secretly in Atlantis. Thoth, along with Ai and Tiy, secretly helped over one thousand Lemurians and Atlanteans achieve “immortality” before the Great Deluge. They brought the esoteric wisdom of Atlantis and Lemuria to the new colony that was to be established in Egypt.

After the angels withdrew from the Earth, their progeny ruled various kingdoms across the planet, though not all pharaohs in Egyptian history descend directly from the Anunnaki. King Menes united Upper and Lower Egypt under the direct influence of Enki. About 1500 years later and nearly 1400 years before the birth of the Nazarene, Jesus Christ, a plan is devised to in order to reestablish monotheism in Egypt. To make a long story short, Amenhotep III was removed from power and had his memories erased by advanced electromagnetic technology of the Annunaki. Queen Tiy was impregnated through in vitro fertilization and became the mother of Amenhotep IV. This child grew to be known as Akhenaten; he would serve as the example of the Amentii races, the greatest avator since the days of Thoth, Osiris and Horus. Akhenaten was born into a Christ-conscious body, which was much taller than the people on the planet at that time, and also sporting a very large head (he cranial capacity was almost double what ours is!). Supposedly, the pharaoh had 48 chromosomes instead of 46. Perhaps we have discovered why Akhenaten and his sister/wife Nefertiti were depicted as being so tall in the wall carvings and why his statue was 14.5 feet tall. Besides his radical appearance, Akhenaten also brought about ideas of unity and asserted that the priests were unnecessary to access God, because God lives within all of us. He also told the military, which was the best in the world at the time, not to attack any nation unless it was attacked first. Of course, this leads the priests of Egypt and head military officials to conspire against the throne and reinstate their neteru polytheism. The priests and the military were aware of what Akhenaten was; they knew they could not kill him. After Akhenaten was given a sorcerer’s potion and made to look dead at a public meeting, they immediately had his body magically sealed inside a sarcophagus and buried it in a hidden place. Akhenaten, being a part of an advacned race of beings, was said to have returned to the Halls of Amenti, and the people soon turned back to worshipping many gods. Almost all evidence of Akhenaten’s rule was destroyed and the citizens were forbidden to speak of him.

The esoteric truth is Akhenaten actually guided nearly 300 individuals to immortality during his 17 and a half years of rule. These individuals formed the Essene Brotherhood, from which the Tat Brotherhood sprang forth. After the Amarna Period, a woman who studied at the mystery schools in the temples in Egypt under Akhenaten’s rule, helped to establish a similar school in Israel. That woman gave birth to another Nephilim avatar that we know today as Yeshua. He was a part of the plan as well: he would attempt to restore order in the heart and mind of humanity, as well as leave his progeny behind.

There are several things I can conclude from my research. There is an ancient carving in the temple at Abydos that depicts a helicopter, a tank and airplanes; this carving existed thousands of years before either of those things was invented. Could these beings possibly see into the future? Egypt experienced what modern archaeologists are calling stair-step evolution, a dramatic increase in their level of understanding of hydraulics, mathematics, and their language due to the aid of extraterrestrial beings. Also, if the secrets of the Tat Brotherhood are becoming widely known to the public, it is because they intend for it to be that way. Akhenaten and Nefertiti left behind evidence of their Nephilim heritage, seeing as immense skulls and skeletons have been recovered that reveal these so-called Egyptian legends as truth. We cannot be certain about anything that we think we know; however, we can rest assured that change, whether it appears as positive or negative, is on the horizon.

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