Literacy in a media world
Chloë Winegar-Garrett

I really enjoyed your post Chloe. I hadn’t seen the picture of students in front of Rembrandt’s painting. While my first thought was that they were doing research on their phones, it does really point out how our own biases can influence how we perceive a situation. I see a connection to your comments about social media as well. I’m 45, and honestly, social media seems largely a mystery to me. I can’t understand why anyone, even my family members, would care about my current deep frustration with tomato hornworms. (Though they are truly despicable!) However, I do know that my kids use social media all the time. One of the ideas that has emerged from the blogs is that students’ use of technology can be a good thing, and can support literacy. To me it seems that one of the powerful and personal Discourses teens use is the “social media Discourse”. I’ve made the assumption that this Discourse is one with very limited value (how incredibly arrogant). But clearly, incorporating technology into the classroom can make it a more dynamic place — and since students are writing — a place to practice writing. Thanks for the reminder!

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