No Risk, No Consequences
Friederike Reich


I think your review is somewhat alarmist, mostly because you do not put things in perspective enough.

Polls are difficult for us to analyze. I talked about it with my brother, who studied geography. He explained to me that the methodology is more important than the sample to to determine the reliability of a sounding. The international poll, for example, (btw, I couldn’t find it in your sources, do you have a link for it? I would like to see it in detail.), would need a broader sample because of the way the questions are asked (or so we thought, reading your review of it).

Again here : “ Never in hisory before has a country opted to leave the EU.”
 When you say “never before in history”, you make it sound so big, but the EU’s history only goes back a few decades.

But you do a good job telling us not to rely on polls too much. It is true that we do not know where were’re heading to — not only because we do not know how Britain will adapt, but also because we do not know howthe EU will react if Britain leaves: will we close some doors or will we pretend nothing ever happened, giving them the best of both worlds?

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