Higher education will be on-demand
Ryan Carson

I couldnt agree more. Education needs to be completely disrupted on a massive scale.

I get to work with a lot of younger people and it never seizes to amaze me the ammount of financial burden they and their families have brought upon themselves just so they can get a degree at a so called “top” University.

I sure remember growing up and being told by just about everyone around me that if didn't go to college and graduate I would be a nobody, with no access to a high paying job. That mindset needs to change as a lot of undergraduates have bought into the idea that by taking on massive ammounts of debt to pay for an expensive school they are guaranteed a steady return on investment.

In my own experience I dropped out of college, on my second year of engineering school as I honestly didnt think it was worth my time or expense, I wasnt learning anything! Today I enjoy the benefit of a high paying career path in a challenging work enviorment that puts my skills to the test every single day and thats the key, skills and a neverending appetite to learn something new every single day.