Like every past blog before this one, I’ve gotten too busy to update regularly. I have like 13 hour days and one day off a week, it’s been a little rough.

But I am making progress! We’ve begun our final projects and I sometimes surprise myself with how I flip between my text editor, terminal windows (yes, plural, because sometimes you have to run more than one server WOW), and Chrome — and even have a vague idea of what is going on. I couldn’t do these things three months ago!

I’m getting lots of green squares on my GitHub, too:

The first bit of green from October to December of last year lines up with my time studying at Hackbright Academy (the Python Slackbot I built then doesn’t *quite* work how I’d like, but it doesn’t *not* work, either). But those last two patches of green? All Actualize! And there are some very dark green squares there. Super exciting!

I made this GitHub account like two years ago when I was first doing JavaScript tutorials and never touched it. Now I actually have some clue about how to best use the platform, and it’s fun to nerd out over how people have built all sorts of cool things! I was very proud of myself to have been able to parse out Doge Weather.

I have a ways to go with my own final project (an app that heavily depends on the Google Maps API) but it’s going to get done. It has to, as I’ve already sent out invites.

Until then:

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