Alas, whatever we do and whatever we dream always comes back to us alone, no matter how hard we might try to throw it away.
Quantum Change #1

Does what we do and what we dream come back to us alone, or, do we alter, with our doing and dreaming, the lives of those we touch, thus creating an energy continuum that will resonate, along the way and in the end, with all those who have shared, in whatever measure, in the vibration of our doing and dreaming?

I’ve known and worked with a number of teachers in a volunteer capacity, some inspirational and inspiring, most deeply dedicated to their profession, others who were neither. I am in awe of you all. Especially those of you who recognize that, even as teachers, learning is an ever evolving practice and is best achieved when all individuals involved are a part of the process.

I’ve always believed that when we engage a person with interest, respect, and non-judgement, meeting them where they are, they will respond in unimaginable ways that surprise and elevate us. Thank you, Garnet, for sharing yourself with your students, and with us.

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