Well, SHIT.

Raising daughters is a difficult, life altering venture. I have three. They are all grown now. I always encouraged and allowed them to argue with me and state their minds in the fiercest way because I, like you, realized that someday they would have to find their voices with men and I wanted them to be prepared for that. If they could stand toe to toe with me, respectfully, and learn to give voice to their innermost fears and anxieties in dealing with another human being closest to them, even through the tears and vitriol, then they could hold their own and state their needs and desires with other significant people in their lives. In this frustrating, weary, and loving role we play as mothers, we provide a safe place to develop the courage necessary to do so.

It’s hard to do the hard work necessary, Alexainie, but hang in there. You’ll be rewarded, as you’ve realized, with a strong, independent woman who will be able to ask/demand what she needs from this life. I’m rooting for you both. (Buffy will still be slaying vampires when the dust settles).

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