Sweet Providence

I watch the drip work it’s way down the patterned wall.

My fingers tremble as I fight the urge to intercede.

Let it be, I urge myself.

Allow nature to take its intended course.

I look away.

The heat from the sun fills my face with warmth and my eyes are filled with brightness.

Closing my eyes against the light, I ponder the drip.

Has it eluded its terminal destination?

There it is, the drip, hovering on the edge of oblivion.

I examine it closer, and I cast its fate.

My lips graze the bottom of the cone.

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Carolynn Waites is a Ninja Writer. She enjoys the opportunity to learn and discover new things about the world in which we live. Along with freelance writing, Carolynn works in a library and enjoys animals, reading books, gardening, crafting, and spending time outside enjoying nature.