Hi Walter,
Tim Riley

Hi Tim, Thank you for your response.
The one time cost of ready-to-run Agents for Massive is nothing compared to the hours that it would take to bring the free Golaem Entities to have the amount of motions and quality existing in a Massive Agent.
The free supplied Golaem Entities, are exactly that, free demo entities. Some of them with only 13 motions.
For those who have not used Massive Prime, or created a custom Agent from scratch, there are many essential motions that any digital crowd character shouldn’t be without.

They are, as I said in my article, completely different software.
the main point is: “The Power of AI”

I am an advanced Golaem TD as well, and I’ve done many film and episodic productions with it, including “The Walking Dead S06”, “The battle of the sexes” soon to be released, and also I did a full development for “Independence Day: Resurgence” but it was scrapped because of the poor quality of the built-in motions, it really stood out.

As far as finding trained artists, there are talks about putting together a series of Master Classes for Massive.

Locomotion Entity — 13 motions total
Audience (Stadium) Entity = 13 motions from which only five are only sitting, from those only 2 (two) are idle, which is what a crowd mostly does in a stadium environment. The repetition pattern shows up very quickly.

Regarding the Simulation Cache Layout Toolset, it is very useful and easy to work with, but if you consider building a crowd in 3 minutes (or less) with every one of the Entities doing the exact same motion, then we are really talking about a huge difference in quality of motion.
A good film Director would never accept such identical repetition as realistic.
When I can build an identical crowd as the one in the video with Massive, in less than 3 minutes, and they will have none-repetitive natural looking motions, and each character has SA (situational awareness) with sound and vision.

Remember what I said about a Toyota vs a Ferrari ?

Nevertheless, there is a market for Golaem, and I will continue to use it for such projects. I never stated that I dislike Golaem, it needs improvement but it is radically different from Massive’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) and FuzzyLogic.

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