My Role at Verve Films

Unfortunately, i wasn’t a runner! Can you believe it? An University undergraduate going into the industry and not being a runner? I could hardly believe it myself!

I was assigned a job role as an Assistant Cinematographer. As an inspiring Camera Operator, getting hands on experience with this specific job role was very beneficial. Usmaan (the main Camera Operator) ensured that I attend numerous events with them him (mainly Asian Weddings). Verve Films gave me a Canon 5D Mark III camera to use. At first, I found this very challenging. I wasn’t very confident in using a DSLR. After a couple of days, I managed to gain confidence in myself.

At the end of my 15 days of my work experience, I really improved my knowledge on cameras. I learned a lot about the technical aspect of cameras. For example, I learned a lot about ISO, Aperture and the Shutter Speed. I also learn a lot about manual focusing and focus pulling. Expanding my knowledge on these specific aspects will technically allow me to enhance my camera operating skills. I will go into specific detail below. I also learned a lot about lenses and when to use different lenses.

(I do make a nice coffee — Verve Films missed out!)
Here is a photo of me ̶m̶a̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶c̶o̶f̶f̶e̶e̶ working as a Cinematographer at an event.

Although I was a cinematographer/camera operator I also undertook the job as an Editor. I was guided and taught how to edit on a program called Edius (keep reading my blog theres some interesting posts about my good friend Edius). Prior to editing, I didn’t really enjoy it. After working on a trailer I can say that I now enjoy editing.

Above is a picture of me using my favourite program in the whole wide world Edius :)