Problem solving…

This is the part we all love, isn’t it? Problem solving is an important element to any intern. Surprisingly, I had to problem solve quiet a few times (Verve Films aren’t very organised you see…).

1st problem that occurred was probably the most common one. On the day of the shoot, we used two Canon 5D Mark III’s. We had a lot of issues with batteries. Changing batteries may sound like an easy task but believe me when I tell you that the few seconds that it takes could potentially allow us to miss a crucial moment. Solving this problem was very easy but as you can imagine after a few times it did get very tedious.

Meet my best friend during my 15 days at Work Experience

Keep Scrolling, there are plenty more occasions where I had to problem solve!

Due to Verve Films being an excellent and amazing company, they also allowed me to edit a trailer for one of their weddings. I am not the greatest editor. Problem solving occured in this department too. I was told to use a software called Edius Pro 7 (I only know how to use iMovie haha).

This was my worst enemy during my 15 days work experience at Verve Films.

The main problem that occured was that the software would crash — solving this problem was tricky because saving a draft version would hinder the quality. So what did I do? because I’m very smart and educated, I connected an external hardrive and saved the file every time I made progress. Doing this would ensure that I had the best quality possible and that I wouldn’t lose the footage. It turns out that the problem was with the computer that I was using (the hardrive was corrupt causing the software the crash).

Lastly, the most niche problem that needed solving was that the disc’s not burning properly. When I actually come to think of it, there was a lot problems whilst I interned — was this a coincidence or is Verve Films not immune to problems? Who knows. Like every other problem I was able to solve this problem pretty easily. The discs wouldnt burn so I had to either: change the disc or restart the machine. I chose to change the disc (turns out the disc was corrupt). Problem solved.