Charlie Glickman Pod Communications Table of Contents

Charlie's Pod
Jul 18 · 2 min read

To help ensure that our Medium (and other) updates are easy to navigate, we’ve created this Table of Contents with links, dates posted, and a short description of contents.

Charlie Glickman Public Statement (published June 21, 2019)- statements from both Charlie and from the pod members about the accountability process, what’s been done so far, and what the next public & private steps will be. (CW: mentions of harm)

Report Collection Form (published June 21, 2019) — The Google drive form to collect reports of Charlie’s harm, with a focus on ensuring confidentiality as defined by each respondent.

Accountability Pod Members & Consultants (published June 21, 2019)- Details of who the pod members and consultants are, and why they were asked to participate in Charlie’s accountability process.

The Work Charlie’s Been Doing (published June 21, 2019) — A listing of work that Charlie has been undertaking for the past few years, leading up to and including his accountability process.

Charlie Glickman’s Professional Consent Policy (published June 21, 2019) — the text of Charlie’s consent policy that he will be using for his professional connections.

Relieving Anxiety & Acute Trauma Response (published June 21, 2019) — this is a resource list created by Rachel Drake to support people who are dealing with anxiety & triggers; this includes both in-the-moment tools as well as reading & other resources.

Accountability Pod FAQ (Published July 11, 2019) — A list of questions that the pod (and Charlie) have been asked, as well as some clarifying information on the process & it’s goals.

Thinking about Transformative Justice (Published July 19, 2019) — The pod shares some core questions that Charlie is working to answer about his instances of harm, as well as thoughts about how the pod is doing this work using a TJ framework

Addressing Nuanced Problematic Communication (Published July 26, 2019)- Pod members, with guidance & input from the consultants, discusses some of Charlie’s known problematic communication issues that they are tracking, both in previous communications (including his harm to others) and as he moves through the accountability process.

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