The Absurd Attack on Net Neutrality Might Succeed

Net Neutrality is a complicated theory in some ways because of the technology behind the principle. but Net Neutrality is one of the single most important principles holding up the internet we know today. Millions of Businesses rely on Net Neutrality to provide a fair access to the internet and connect to their customers on social media, through email marketing, and web platforms.

Currently the executive administration and its appointees have come out strongly against net neutrality. This policy stance significantly affects the small business market and entrepreneurs. Dismantling the current level playing field would tilt the game in favor of large established players with deep pockets.

I think most small business owners would agree that large businesses don’t need more handouts, and they don’t need more challenges to overcome.

What is Net Neutrality?

Net Neutrality is a principle in which Internet Service Providers treat all internet traffic equally no matter the source. gets treated the same as or This has led to one of the greatest explosions of technology and innovation. It has become easier for disrupters and innovators to challenge the status quo.

currently ISPs are treated as a common carrier and regulated as such. this makes it much easier to ensure everyone receives an equal rulebook.

Competition is Good

Innovation comes from competition and disruption of the markets. stifling competition is bad for society, and capitalism. Typically the arguments for government regulation or against is balancing the need for more competition. any regulation that improves competition and gives advantage to innovation, and consumers is a good regulation. It it is pretty clear that the current principle of net neutrality has allowed for an unprecedented growth in new industries. It is hard to argue that the principle has hurt society.

Regulation is Not Always Bad

laissez faire competition does not work for the betterment of society all the time. a regulated free market is generally preferable to unregulated medicine, rats in our hot dogs, or asbestos in our homes. I also prefer not having rivers catch fire. Companies are not inherently good or bad, but work in the interest of their stakeholders a good business decision does not only. removing regulations for removing regulations sake is not a good policy move. the removal or addition of any government regulation should be studied for its long term affects on society and the trade offs such an action would incur.

Removing net neutrality is a solution looking for a problem not a problem in need of solving. if anything our net neutrality should never be up for debate. the arguments seem quite silly when taken into context. ISPs claim they need such policies removed in order to compete better, however they hardly compete with each other, and spend millions of dollars trying to force regulations into stifling competitions. The actions they took against municipal fiber networks, or google fiber indicate they would rather stifle innovation than develop products that benefit consumers.

How you can help the internet and Yourself

go to call your congressperson, call your senator and call the FCC. let them know the american people refuse to allow the government to remove valuable protections of consumers and small businesses.

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