Emerge: February 16, 2016 (Reading Week)

Reading week may be defined as a week off from class, but it can definitely not be defined as a week off for production. Emerge’s print magazine team has been in constant communication, as first deadlines have surpassed us and the ball is in fast motion.

Edits need to be done, reviews from multiple sets of eyes must be made, approvals and agreements on suggested revisions must be verified, and the writers must discuss with their editors these revisions.

Each editor has a few stories under their belt, so juggling the communication between each writer, along with our Senior Editor and EIC, has been tricky, tedious, and time consuming. However, the team’s productivity is in full swing and we are making big progress through this reading week.

The most difficult thing that was to be achieved this week was making sure people had handed in their first drafts to me on time. I had to remind some people more than others to submit their articles so that I can get my substantive edits in on time. I forwarded copies of all of my edits to our Senior Editor and EIC, so that they may sign off on them or make any changes where they saw fit.

The constant motion of communication via email about three different articles could get confusing at times — but I have learned that as long as my head is in the game, as long as I commit my full attention to these articles, I will be just fine. And that is what I’ve been doing. I have been reading and editing with a fully focused and commited mindset. I’ve really delved deep into what is being written about. I have edited minor grammar and punctuation errors, as well as content.

In the week going forward, I, as a writer myself, will need to wait for my edited piece to be returned to me and make the suggested revisions in order to have it ready for copy-editing.

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