It’s time to boycott CNN

The news today that CNN has hired former Trump Chief of Staff Corey Lewandowski — the guy who manhandled a reporter and was verbally abusive to his own campaign staffers — is the final straw.

The network has been playing a cynical game with viewers for years — they focus on one topic almost at the exclusivity of other news. This approach to wire-to-wire newsless news reached, so I thought, a low point with the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight in 2014. The “Breaking News” tag on their graphics became a permanent fixture, despite any actual new information being “broken.”

For the last year or so, the Trump campaign has taken over their major programming. So much so that they have now brought on board one of the chief architects of that campaign. They’ve already provided millions of dollars of free promotion, offered little resistance to outlandish statements, and been lap dogs for a campaign that treats them, and all media, with contempt.

We deserve better from our news organizations. The only power I have in this, however token it may be, is to change the channel.

Bye, CNN. There’s a saying about lying down with dogs you may want to consider…

Update 7/13/2016: This just keeps getting more infuriating.

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