The Life and Death of Lexa
Jason Rothenberg

JR I want to believe deep down that this is your way of not necessarily apologizing but fighting to make us believe you didn’t intentionally use a bunch of fans for a rating. I do believe after weeks of constant backlash you and your team do feel bad. However, this still feels so hollow because in between this “awakening” period the issue has just sat stewing and getting uglier as people realized the depth of betrayal that they felt. I have sat by and watched as what could be described as a social movement has been happening and instead of hearing an authentic response from one of your many writers or simply anyone officially affiliated with 100; I have seen too many messages victimizing themselves because they picked the mean messages to comment on rather than the ones asking real questions. Don’t get me wrong you guys are people and NO ONE deserves to be told some of the mean things that are out there. But you have been the showrunner for 3 seasons and I am positive you have had ugly statements from some unhappy group throughout all 3 this is just a bigger size. Anyways, I have watched as this show has prodded through great storylines and to honest weak and lazy storylines but this has been eye opening in all of the wrong ways. Please, I beg you to be real for 1 full interview with a person who isn’t a buddy. You have had different responses to the same question from this statement to the interview you had the other day. If you have been watching on the sidelines for 3 weeks then be there to take the hits head on rather than saying beautiful words to try and appease fans that you and your team have scorned. Again, I have NO animosity against you or anyone who works with you. writing a show and trying to get it renewed is probably pull your hair out kind of anxiety. I am however sorely disappointed and have NO clue how I can continue watching with no trust left to give.

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