#Amwriting Counting the Words

Took a break from long form editing. The pause leads to twenty poems and three unfinished flash stories. A breath to move from a home I settled in, and filled with gowns, Lego villages, and duplicate ice cream machines.

Back to the discipline of scheduling writing. No shopping for platforms to organize chapters, break up scenes, label the revision from the truth, or make easy scooping cups of ocean into a sieve. Magic comes out the other end. If I work fifty hour writing work week I get the 156099 word manuscript down to 91000. Less numbers make it better.

Here is my schedule:

Up at 5:25 A.M. Write thirty minutes words, phrases, and dreams. Loose thoughts are useful.

My new house is small. It’s off grid. There are chores. Feed the animals and take along the paper notepad. For God’s sake do not bring a cell phone. Juggling notepad while pulling 120 pound Great Pyrenees from their morning swim in the pond never ends up clean. Bees out run my muddy boots. Breathe calm and walk. Review in the air the next Chapter to correct while hands finish sliding the lock on the barn. Jog back to the computer. With internet off write for two hours. Coffee and potty break four minutes. Finish up revisions for 30. Dress for work takes five.

While driving use Audionote to record what character details require attention. Once in office: work ass off eight and a half hours, lunch at desk.

Drive home in silence to get the head back into the story.

6:30 P.M. — 11:30 is 5 hours of solid writing. Butt stays in chair. No wine, no snacking, no internet, no interruptions five days a week.

Weekends add fourteen hours to total fifty hour writing work week.

Fifty hours times five weeks is 2500 hours. 41 Chapters might take me six weeks, but I am writing here my goal is to have second revision completed September 9th, 2016. Hold me to the numbers.

Be my beta reader after I’m done with pacing the tide and molding the sea?