The tourism and travel industry must be considered a rather late starter for mobile advertising. When looking at their digital channel spend, for a very long-time desktop was king. And there are plenty of good reasons why a high involvement, highly emotional decision such as planning your family vacation, or even the simple booking of a flight, for its spending amount, are done via the more traditional media PC.

Client behavior has changed towards mobile, clearly, but above all tourism and travel brands have learned that mobile offers one strategical…

Mobile ad blockers have been making headlines across the world this past month. The launch of iOS 9 in September was hastily followed with the release of a number of mobile ad blocking apps to the AppStore attracting lots of attention in the media and tech and advertising communities only then to be taken down within weeks. Then mobile ad blockers started to quickly slip in popularity and as of today no mobile ad blockers are in the Top Ten lists of the US app store. So what’s been going on?

Privacy Concerns

The principal reason the ad blockers were taken down…

Christian Geissendoerfer

Founder and CEO at YOOSE // Former Founder at German Accelerator Southeast Asia // Entrepreneur // Venture Builder

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