Climate Anger

With Scott Pruitt now heading the Environmental Protection Agency, I want to say that nothing makes me more furious than the refusal of our country to deal with climate change. In the short run, Pruitt’s gutting of the EPA will lead to increases in cancer and heart disease. In the long run, Pruitt’s policies will condemn today’s children to come to adulthood in a world characterized by flood, drought, wildfire, and food shortages.

For the life of me, I cannot understand how so many people are willing to accept this future. People who celebrate the Greatest Generation for sacrificing their lives to preserve democracy in Europe aren’t willing to make infinitely smaller sacrifices to preserve a habitable world for today’s children. I cannot understand how so many people have knowingly washed their hands of responsibility for the wellbeing of future generations.

If my writing has become a bit of a downer lately, well, I can’t really apologize. Rest assured that it communicates only the smallest fraction of the anger and despondency I feel every day when I think about the world the current administration will leave to children.