Upgrading Your Bathroom Without The Renovation

Over the last year of doing a ton of research around bathroom technology, I was really surprised by how little has changed over the last century in the American bathroom. While the theme of stagnation seemed pervasive in bathroom technology, I did seems glitters of innovation in the bathroom. One of the companies that I thought was doing something interesting was Nebia, a shower that used significantly less water than current showers in the market.

The business previously launched on kickstarter and raised a impressive $3 Million in backing. The company is now back with a 2.0 product that fixed some of the thermal issues with the 1.0 version & has gained the backing of Moen. At the Kitchen and Bath show in vegas, this was by far one of the busiest sections in the Moen booth and another impressive example of how Moen is incorporating outside innovation to propel their business forward.

One of the bigger trends that Nebia is playing into is the idea of a better bathroom without the renovation. No one likes the pain of doing a renovation and having a section of their home turned into a construction site for several months. While the better experience pays off for the frustration around the renovation, there is a desire to upgrade our homes without having to undergo the construction period.

Nebia is enabling consumers to upgrade their shower experience, one of the most frequently used devices on a daily basis, today & there is no need for a professional to install it. The average time a consumer installs the product is under 15 minutes! Consumers don’t need to browse a confusing display of selections and sizings in a store, they just click & buy online.

Several other devices that used to require a professional installation, renovation, or construction period have evolved to be a DIY solution like Sonos (remember those home theatre systems!), Nest, Ring (video doorbells have been around since the 80’s — it just required a custom installation!), Eero (anyone have LAN throughout their home?), and others. Now the bathroom is moving in this direction and excited to see what future innovations follow in this track.