Okay, Back to Blogging!

So, I stumbled across this a few weeks ago I forgot that I had a medium. When I realized that I hadn’t posted anything for almost a year I was kind of shocked. I have come a long way since then, but yet I still haven’t landed at my goal of that elusive position as a Web Developer. Let’s be honest though when I say “I have come a long way” I Have!

A year ago I was spinning in circles still trying to find which direction to take to learn the basics of Ruby on Rails, and now I would say I am confident in building web-apps and still learning everyday. I have met a few mentors that have aided in my spinning and have pointed me towards the right directions.

So where am I? I have built numerous small web-apps, mostly to test different areas of my knowledge and reinforce all that I have learned. I have started actively looking for work as a Freelance Web Developer, and I am about to take my next step and start applying for jobs, at real web development companies.

Where from here? Hopefully, I will continue to grow towards a Full-Stack Web Developer. I still struggle in some aspects(which I will speak of later), and I am going to take some initiative and blog daily/bi-daily.

Till tomorrow!