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Buying favorite digital assets doesn’t have to be complicated. All it takes is a few steps and a few minutes of your time!

Though popular and valuable, digital currencies are still not that easy to get for every average person. With many evolving options for acquiring digital assets, it becomes difficult for a newcomer to choose the right one. However, what if you want to buy favorite cryptocurrencies right off the bat without the knowledge of complicated trading terminology?

Let us guide you through a simple 3-step process below, and help you make your crypto purchase quick and straightforward!

CGift offers 6 card values (10€, 25€, 50€, 100€, 200€ & 500€) for physical gift card purchases, as well as 5+ payment methods to…

Let’s hear what the experts have to say!

The idea of Bitcoin as “digital gold” has been wandering around in different blockchain-related media. The “gold” metaphor implies that Bitcoin should be seen as the most valuable store of value, like gold used to be some time ago. The phrase sounds good indeed, but a share of distrust still stays on. So let us hear what experts think of Bitcoin as a new-age gold.

Jonathan Reichental, CEO of Human Future, thinks that gold is too big a title for Bitcoin yet. The core feature of gold is its stability and wide recognition by governments and organizations. …

Top expert crypto predictions for 2020

The development of the crypto market sometimes resembles an adventurous saga with zigzag plot twists and numerous acting characters. This is always a thrill to follow the latest crypto news. But what is more exciting, is to take a look into the future and make predictions for the following year.

Now as the new year begins, all crypto analysts and traders have come up with the inspiring expectations. We have gathered top predictions to keep you updated on the upcoming future. So get comfy to get a portion of top crypto insights!

Such big-fish companies as Google, Alibaba and Oracle…

Taking a look back at CGift’s most memorable milestones of 2019

The weather outside is frightful and the bells start to jingle. All of this means that 2019 is entering the final stretch. For CGift it is a good reason to take a look back and recap all the developments the team has achieved through the year. This is twice as delightful when there is so much to sum up. Promising partnerships, the stellar platform features, new payment solutions and even more! But first things first. So let us start!

Taking a look back at CGift’s most memorable milestones of 2019

Fruitful Partnerships

In 2019 CGift has entered into cooperation and white label partnership with such stellar market players as Dash, BitBlinx, Mr. Bitcoin

The expansion of the gift card’ global market is seen as the most anticipated and widely forecast trend of the following year. Also known as a “certificate” or “voucher”, a gift card is a prepaid card, usually provided by a retailer to a customer to use as a substitute to cash within a specific store. The practice of gift card giveaway is gaining ground in more and more industries. Why? Let us break it down!

The main contributing factors of the gift cards industry growth include the rising popularity of gift cards among consumers, the profitability of gift cards for…

Back in 2008, when Bitcoin was coined, cryptocurrencies were deemed as providing a safe and secure means of financial transactions. It still is. Almost crypto coins have a distributed ledger, called Blockchain at the core of their operation. Blockchain is a distributed decentralized ledger, that traces transactions with no need for financial middlemen like banks.

Nevertheless, now and then crypto hacks make the news, primarily dealing with the dubious nature of crypto exchanges and asset security. Below we have covered the top three crypto heists in history.

Among bitcoin exchange thefts, the Bitfinex platform comes in a strong second place…

Digital currencies such as Bitcoin are gradually becoming the future embodied in every-day reality. These days, e.g. Bitcoin has a much wider mass adoption than it did several years ago.

Though popular and valuable, digital currencies are still not that easy to get for every average person. Options of access vary from specially-tailored ATMs, to simple physical purchase at over-the-counter (OTC) sales. However, gift cards stay the easiest, simplest and safest way to buy digital currencies. Why? Let us make a comparison.

Buying digital currencies via ATM is fast and safe, as the machines are usually run by official entities…

Here I want to share some recent observations of mine. It seems to me that blockchain’s mass adoption is at its peak, as everyone has acknowledged the value of the “distributed ledger.” In fact, the technology of blockchain has ceased to be exclusively attached to financial transactions and is now piercing through diverse business sectors, like healthcare, agricultural technologies or education as well as many others.

With such a dynamic, the blockchain is soon expected to invade our everyday lives. For instance, what if I tell you that the blockchain technology is currently taking over the market of gift cards…

Since the big Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies hipe on 2017, there have been several famous personalities allegedly involved in some new, exiting and revolutionary startup in the BlockChain industry.

Some of them are just doing some influence marketing, doing a little side business by rubbing their positive image into some product so it may attract new potential customers. There is nothing wrong with that, even the king of England sponsored a pottery business in 1760s. It make sense that they leverage on their reach to get some extra income, of course, it make even more sense when the product matches the persona’s image.

Ever since the outbreak of the crypto craze in 2009, when the pioneer peer-to-peer transactions took place, the list of existing cryptocurrencies has been expanding significantly. During a decade, the crypto industry has experienced its highs and lows, while new cryptocurrencies were actively entering the market.

Unfortunately (or not), hardly every other entrant to the crypto world managed to make it through the fast-moving pace of the market. Nevertheless, those which managed to hold out, are now lucrative assets worth investing for both beginning traders and experts.

On September 8th 2019, Cointelegraph, a top-ranked media about crypto, published its list…


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