Time to Sum Up! CGift Annual Recap 2019

Taking a look back at CGift’s most memorable milestones of 2019

Dec 26, 2019 · 3 min read

The weather outside is frightful and the bells start to jingle. All of this means that 2019 is entering the final stretch. For CGift it is a good reason to take a look back and recap all the developments the team has achieved through the year. This is twice as delightful when there is so much to sum up. Promising partnerships, the stellar platform features, new payment solutions and even more! But first things first. So let us start!

Taking a look back at CGift’s most memorable milestones of 2019

Fruitful Partnerships

In 2019 CGift has entered into cooperation and white label partnership with such stellar market players as Dash, BitBlinx, Mr. Bitcoin and Lemoncash. CGift team believes that genuinely stunning accomplishments are only possible via joint efforts. This is why we are always open to shaking hands with new partners and never fail to suggest cooperation first.

Platform Updates

On New Year Eve, our team has presented an updated website for cgift.io as well as a new dashboard. Our team of developers never sit twiddling their thumbs, index or ring finger. Instead, each of them works their socks off to bring new features to the platform and make the user experience seamless and effortless. A newly developed Dashboard allows users to track the redemption and purchase processes made on CGift, and manage all the purchases in one place. Last but not least, users can also refer their friends via a unique referral code on the Dashboard that will earn 5% of the purchase value made by their friends!

In a bid to bring more valuable assets for users, our team constantly works at broadening the existing list of available crypto. In 2019 the list was expanded with such highly performing cryptocurrencies as XLM, DASH. New crypto is yet to come so keep in tune!

New Payment Options

Transactions are flexible and smooth when there are multiple payment solutions. With that in mind CGift team tirelessly introduces new payment options to our service. This year we are finishing with four new payment solutions at our arsenal — Giropay, Sofort, Skrill, and SEPA transfers.

CGift takes pride in its achievements. But our team is not the one to rest on our laurels, so we already have our list of New Year resolutions completed. We are happy to share it with you.

To make crypto even more accessible we are planning to broaden the alternatives for you to obtain CGift cards. To this end we are planning:

  • Release of ATMs network;
  • Launch of physical CGift cards sale in Europe;
  • Introduction of Credit and Debit card support;
  • Expansion to South America;
  • Even more promising high-potential partnerships;
  • Introduction of new purchasing methods and redemption alternatives for crypto.

Well, though 2019 was sincerely good to us, CGift Team is all excited to start a year of new endeavors, hopes, and aspirations. Sign up at CGift and join us along this challenging adventure, which is about to begin soon!

Discover CGift and buy your first crypto gift card here.

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