Why Gift Cards are the Future of Retail Businesses?

Dec 19, 2019 · 2 min read

The expansion of the gift card’ global market is seen as the most anticipated and widely forecast trend of the following year. Also known as a “certificate” or “voucher”, a gift card is a prepaid card, usually provided by a retailer to a customer to use as a substitute to cash within a specific store. The practice of gift card giveaway is gaining ground in more and more industries. Why? Let us break it down!

The main contributing factors of the gift cards industry growth include the rising popularity of gift cards among consumers, the profitability of gift cards for businesses, effective brand promotion of companies along with the attraction of new clients. In the fast-moving world, where all processes tend to become fully automatize, what you look for the most is speed. Gift cards give you the speed of making purchases, simply exchanging a card for a valuable asset.

This global trend is much propelled by the growing use of e-commerce, particularly smartphones and the introduction of new e-gift incentive policies by numerous companies. At this point, North America and Europe hold the premier positions accounting for 65% of the global market of electronic gift cards. Meanwhile, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa fall behind the competition.

So keeping up with the global trend means being digital. Being digital means reducing your time and efforts to a minimum. This is especially important when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

CGift keeps up with the trend, trying to make crypto swiftly and easily accessible. With CGift you do not have to waste time looking out for a convenient exchange, exploring the market of cryptocurrencies or searching for the best investment opportunity. All you have to do is to purchase a gift card to further redeem it for a valuable cryptocurrency.

Thanks to CGift, you can easily jump on the fleeting bandwagon of cryptocurrencies, no need being well versed neither in crypto nor in digital technologies.

Sign up and enjoy straightforward access to crypto with the best user experience.

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