50 reasons to be mighty hopeful

What do a politician, a farmer, and a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur have in common?

It’s no joke! Check out the Grist 50, our annual list of emerging leaders with fresh, forward-thinking solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems. On it, you’ll also find two chefs, a sketch comedian, and a generous helping of community activists, policy wonks, scientists, and scholars. These are the people to watch in 2017 — and beyond.

Don’t just take our word for it. We asked the experts — from Al Gore to celebrity chef Tom Colicchio to model and activist Cameron Russell — to point us to up-and-coming changemakers. We also asked Grist members, our sources, and our moms. The result is a mama-approved list of some of the coolest movers and shakers around.

We’re calling this year’s list “The Fixers,” because its members are developing innovative solutions to challenges during a time when things feel pretty broken. They haven’t given up — far from it. Their solutions come in many shapes and sizes: a technology, a smart campaign, a piece of legislation, an event, a new grassroots organization, a startling art installation. And The Fixers give us hope: It’s all part of the vibrant, diverse sustainability movement toward a better world for all of us.

If you were wondering, last year’s inaugural list was a slam-dunk, reaching and inspiring nearly 6 million readers. Many in that first cohort told us that they saw new opportunities open up and more people pay attention to their work after we published our list. We think this year could get even bigger — please help us spread the word (#Grist50).

Next step: Grist will be pulling Grist 50ers together in person, with the aim of spurring collaborations and sparking additional action. Stay tuned for updates. Meanwhile, get your fix of inspiration, motivation, and revelation here.



Founder, Grist