Federal court to Texas: Yup, your voter ID law is racist
Ian Millhiser

Stop using my race as an issue…..Every black person I know has no issue obtaining an ID. If not they would not have been able to have a job (the I-9 Form), buy a car, open a bank account, rent and apartment, purchase a home……..what I am really hearing is the true racist out there stating….you black people are too stupid, ignorant and dumb to be able to know what it takes to participate in society, so we are going to lower the bar for you mentally slow folk…….that is the real racism….IMHO



So I guess there really are people who want to fight for us not to ensure only legal Americans vote…..I wonder which party they support?? So for all of you anti-ID people how would you prevent these people from voting?

Next would you also be okay with buying a gun without an ID?? If not why?

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