My stor(ies). Elizabeth Tobey’s suggestion to write my “story” as a letter is intriguing. And it is very easy, because just today I have written this letter to Brian McGrory, the editor of the Boston Globe.

Dear Mr. McGrory,

The recent piece by Jeffry Sacks is a sweeping statement about the future for America. It leads to a foredoomed outcome. The attached Op-Ed piece, if implemented, will counteract that trend.

It is a result of many years of research and publication. It is based on many challenges to things as they are.

The solutions it suggests are simple but far from simplistic. More than anything, I hope to open the mind to the analysis of realistic alternatives to the status quo — a long series of debacles for nearly everyone.

Surely, the suggested solutions will not be implemented without much vetting. The recommendation is to finally abandon the mistaken ideology and narrative of social justice — and return to the millenarian ideals of economic justice.

Looking forward to your acceptance of this piece, I remain at your disposal for any clarification you may require. I will welcome suggestions for improvement.


Dear Medium Editor, I am fairly sure that, just like other publications, the Boston Globe will find this piece “not suitable at this time.” How can I best send it to you and your readers?


(See Wikipedia and Google Scholar)

Founder of

Added to Aristotle and Einstein

Changed Aquinas

Changed Keynes fundamentally

Integrated Descartes: I think AND LOVE, therefore I am.





Carmine Gorga, Ph.D.

The Somist Institute
87 Middle Street
Gloucester, MA USA 01930


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