Towards Democratic Regulation of the Airline Industry
Matt Stoller

How do you write a piece on air competition in the US, praise Europe, and fail to mention that the European market is more deregulated than that of the US? More specifically, how do you fail to mention that the US does not allow cabotage while Europe does (at least among EU members)? You can fly Ryanair, an Irish airline, from one Spanish city to another but this would be illegal in the US where foreign airlines are prohibited from flying on US routes. This largely explains why Europe has experienced the low-cost revolution while the US has not done so nearly to the same extent.

Airline deregulation has been an amazing success in the US, bringing the miracle of air travel to the masses. The only problem is that it hasn’t gone far enough, with government still playing too big of a role from running the FAA (Canada’s non-profit NAVCANADA is superior), the TSA and the airports themselves (private airports are more common overseas) and banning foreign competition. I love taking discount airlines in Europe — just wish I had that option here in the US as well (I have taken Spirit, and for the price they charged found it a very positive experience).

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