ConveGenius: Edutainment for All

— A short note by Founders of ConveGenius

Every company needs a vision, a strong call that pushes, inspires and drives growth. A solvable problem that pinches you every day, keeps you awake by the night and becomes your only goal and mission. Something that keeps you high and unstoppable, inspite of all of the possible incumbent hurdles that you are bound to face from time-to-time.

The determination is to create an irreversible process, something that will only move forward and create n-squared value in the times to come. Something, that the next generation is unable to imagine a life without. Real disruption can only be made if we can envision it and embrace it!

We at ConveGenius have a long term vision. We are inspired by the thought of solving the Education problem in India. We dream about digitizing India by innovating in the Ed-tech Space. The key to having an educated population, is to make quality education affordable to the masses. We believe that the traditional methods of just packaging lots of digital content on CDs, DVDs and Online Subscriptions are futile efforts of shoving technology in kid’s throats. There has to be a better way, a more innovative one!

By unlearning the traditional business models and thinking out-of-the box. By flipping ideologies and getting down to the depths of understanding why other companies have failed before.

We at ConveGenius want to solve the problem of Education via technology and fun, and we want to do it in a way that is extremely elegant, durable and path-breaking for years to come. Good models and good solutions may take years to appear but do not take years to crunch outcomes. They show results immediately and exponentially. They are like wild-fire and we feel it is worth the search for a solution like that!

There will be more than 650 Million Smart-phones in India within the next 4 years. This is almost 50% of India’s population. Given that still 72.2% of India lives in the rural parts, it is obvious that more than 25% of India’s population from the rural segment will be equipped with Smart-phones and internet via Data connectivity. It is only imperative that smart-phones will be reaching the pockets of households faster than Good Schools, Good Infra-structure or Good teachers!

Then doesn't it make sense to equip your phones and tablets with the power to teach!

The Ed-tech sector is plagued with two major pain-points (Well actually three)!

1. Inconsistency of Digital Content Access

Why is it so difficult today to find a one-stop solution to learn via your smart-phone or tablet! Why isn't there even ‘one’ app that will not charge you every month for the content you want to access? Or an app that will just keep opening up the world of knowledge without discriminating on how much content you are allowed to read/watch for FREE.

Why is it that even after having thousands of content developers creating content and making it available on YouTube, App stores and various other places for free, parents still do not know where to look for!

When there are aggregators of taxis, airplanes, e-commerce, health products and what not, why isn’t there one for affordable education?

ConveGenius aims to enable every kid of the next generation to start learning at the click of a tap on their parent’s smart-phones or personalized tablets.

We aim to make influencing a new generation of learners exceptionally easy by centralizing the flow of information via a one-stop channel.

2. Guarantee Learning

The second pain point that we want to solve is the aspect of learning itself. There are a lot of solutions out there in the market selling a lot of fancy stuff with regard to the digital content, but none of them can guarantee that a kid will actually learn.

You can give your kids the best books or the best digital learning content, but unless the kid is motivated to learn by himself, none of the fancy stuff will work.

Gamifying learning content is one way to solve the learning issue, but it is really a slow and time-taking process to develop Gamified apps from existing concepts. It takes content developers years to come up with Gamified pedagogies that actually work. And even then, there is no guarantee if these games will be agreeable and fun to play!

After all, 1 in every 54 casual games developed by top game developers end up as a success. Expecting an educational game to be successful as an app is a much bigger ask and a much higher risk for investors.

There has to be a better way to do it with thousands of existing e-learning modules and apps already available today!

ConveGenius aims to create elegant eco-systems, where a learner cannot stop learning.

3. Make Money while we disrupt-

Last but not the least, we still need to make money while solving the education problem. Most Ed-tech companies have failed as they haven’t been able to find a sustainable business model to make money while solving the problem of Education.

Some of the NGOs and Educational think-tanks even believe that it is not possible to create a profitable business in Education.

We at ConveGenius believe that real innovation and perseverance can solve any problem. It’s the component of innovation that is lacking in companies today. More time and money is spent on repeating mundane and banal models that have already been tried out before by different people and have only achieved limited success each depending on the capability of people running it.

There is a dire need to innovate, both in the product and process offerings. Yes, Education has primarily been driven by smart service models but again, 10 years back, even trade, healthcare, transport and housing was driven by smart service models.

Education has an added advantage of capturing huge ‘mind-shares’ along with ‘market-shares’. When we hook on to users at the earliest of ages, the brand equity of the company is hugely driven by the mind-share it acquires. ConveGenius intends to do it via Edutainment.

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