Your Role in your Child’s future

By Shikhar Gupta, Product Head — ConveGenius

A parent is the most influential person in a child’s life. Parents watch their kids grow up, experience new things, learn lessons, make mistakes, get into trouble, and so much more. It is the parents who also guide them through difficult situations and help them stay strong when the going gets tough. Whether it is a cut on the knee or bad marks in a test, it is the parent who pulls him out of it.

How you deal with different situations determines your child’s future, his perspectives, and his way of dealing with situations later in life. You are and will be his role model, directly and indirectly. That is why experts have advised that you tread this path carefully.

We have a few tips that will help you ensure that you inspire your kids in the right way:

Use Right Words

More often than not it only takes the right words to make your child understand a situation. Seating him down and explaining something kindly can do wonders. Kids sometimes react badly to situations because they don’t see how things really are. They have a particular thought in mind and they think only that is right. When you open up to them with the right words, you coax them into thinking broadly. That does the trick. This will teach him that raising your voice is not the solution to a problem. A clear cut discussion with the right words definitely is.

Be Patient

Many parents tend to get impatient with their kids because they want them to understand something quickly or because they want them to match their pace. That creates unnecessary pressure. Your kid is not your age. He is not as mature as you are. He doesn’t see the world like you do. Step down to his thought process and then explain things to him. When you walk in his shoes, you will be more patient and sweet. This act will cause him to do the same later in his life when someone frustrates him or when he gets into an argument with someone.

Use Positive Reinforcement To Teach Your Kid

You’ll be surprised how well appreciation can work for your child. You will see just how easy it is to make your child a better person through encouragement. Look at the positives instead of jumping down his throat for the negatives. For example, we see many parents scold a child for scoring 80% because he could have done better. These parents fail to appreciate the fact that their child scored 80%, which is above average. They fixate on the lost 20%. What happens here is that kids have a negative outlook to life and nothing ever seems enough. Your child worked hard for the 80%. He could have done better but scolding him for it will not help. Instead, we suggest you appreciate the fact he did considerably well in his exams. Encourage him to do better by talking it out with him and coming up with a strategy to score a higher percentage in the upcoming exams.

Some words you should very often for your kids

We at ConveGenius leveraged the same techniques in our edutainment product ‘CG Slate’ and were amazed by the improvements in learning effectiveness and productivity of children.

You could also reward him for his achievements but withhold one particular (the ultimate) reward, which is harder to accomplish. He will work harder for it knowing that he is doing well but he needs to do better.

Spanking is NOT Acceptable

Hitting a child to discipline him teaches him that he can make things right by hitting someone. He will grow up to resort to physical abuse, which can get worse. No matter how angry you are, do not raise your hand. Leave the room to cool off, if need be, but do not spank your kid. Kids who were beaten through childhood grow up with scars, bad memories, and a perception that beating is the best way to discipline someone. We all know that’s wrong.

How you treat your child, how you look at life, and even how you act and take decisions will influence your child’s future.

To capture your child’s attention, you sometimes need to hold his finger and jump right into their world of animals and pets. This is a place where they are most comfortable!

You are his role model, which is why teaching begins with you. So, understand his thought process and teach him through fun and engaging edutainment techniques rather than resorting to extreme measures. Your child will grow up into a wonderful human being!

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