No, torture is not OK by me.
Tom Secker

Very interesting response.

You seem to fall back on the usual “but Obama did this” mantra. Totally forgetting that it was… a Republican President who created an almighty mess in the Middle East in the first place.

If Obama had simple walked away from it all, the Republicans in Senate/Congress would never have let him live it down. They gave him a hard enough time anyway. Besides, pulling out would have looked like retreat and severely damaged US interests/reputation. So I don’t see how he could have done any different, but to stay put and let the army deal with it.

Do I agree with US Middle East policies? Hell no. I will agree with you on this. And it does represent a stain on Obama’s record.

When Bush went all guns blazing into Iraq and Afghanistan, many pointed out that this would cause untold damage. And so it did. Iraq is still unstable, and so if Afghanistan. Not only that, Syria has imploded too, creating the biggest threat so far — ISIS.

But just as things might be settling and ISIS is running out of steam… Trump comes along and stokes the flames of hatred again. It doesn’t help anybody. Just pleases the haters on both sides of the argument.

As for Hitler analogy — if you value democracy you always need to challenge the actions of our elected politicians. The Republicans had no problems challenging Obama every step of the way. So get over it: now it is the turn of Democrats to challenge Trump every step of the way. I wish it were different, but modern politics “it is what it is”.

Oh, aside from that, what have neolibs got to do with this? That’s an economic model — supported by libertarians, not socialists. Nothing to do with muslims or the debate on how to treat other people.

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