Chapter XIII: Hacker of the Night

“I say we climb the power plant’s tube thing!” John suggested.

“Fine with me.” said Chrishie.

“Though there is a 56% chance we will fail.” John was really good at mathematics.

“Ummm…” Chrishie started to change his mind.

But they did it anyway because everyone wanted to climb somewhere high so they could have a look at the entire Jumper. When they climbed up and finally made it, they found a small deck next to the chimney. They stood on the deck, looking out and examining this Jumper, Zinx. They spotted some suspicious-looking areas that Jrunk may have hid Princess Rovia. They huddled together discussing the ideas of how to get there.

Except for Jade, no one saw a gigantic monster that looked like Godzilla moving towards them, about 10 meters away.

“Da Da Ee Ee Roah Ga….” That monster was mumbling.

“Aaaaaaaah! Run!” Jade screamed.

They turned around and were terrified by the ugly creature. Armi froze of terror. Sharo immediately ran toward the chimney.

“Jump inside the tube!” Chrishie shouted.

They all jumped inside the chimney, just in time before the monster ripped off the deck.

They fell onto coal and got scrapes and scars. There was a big hole on the wall next to the coal chamber that leads to the air ventilation system. They crouched into the vent and crawled. They dropped out of the vent and fell to the ground. They used all their energy to stand up. Fearing that the giant monster was still after them, everyone panicked and started running into different parts of the building. People were lost in different places, for a while. Fortunately, they all met together again outside a conference room, everyone but John.

John found himself coming to a room that looked like a research place, where mathmamtic equations were written everywhere — on the white board, on the paper, on the furnitures. He walked around the room looking those equations.

He heard the monsters footsteps stomping outside the room, so he quickly hid in a cardboard box. He took off his jacket and rolled it into a pillow. He tucked himself into his sweater and curled like a ball. Very soon he fell asleep because he was too tired.

He dreamed of lots of mathematic equations and some cartoon characters who were busy erasing those equations. Then he saw a cartoon character who was starring at him first, then started to drift toward him.

It was Bri-Bri!

“You have found me!” John exclaimed.

“Not really….. I am hacking into your dream now to tell you that we are all in a conference room. We will be waiting here ‘till sundown tomorrow. Come over here as soon as possible! We need your calculations to plan for the escape.”

Bri-Bri’s image started fading away. Then John woke up. He quickly put his sweater on and zipped up his jacket, and walked to the door of the room. He scanned the map that hung next to the door.

Next right turn and walk until a left turn and then a sharp right turn… Oh, who am I kidding. I’ll just take the map.

He yanked off the map and walked outside into the hallway. He followed the hallway that twisted and turned. Then he saw a door with a big sign on it. It said ‘Conference Room’.

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