Chapter XIV: Kawii’s Journey

Mrs. Kawaii walked forward with tears in her eyes. She was too sorrowful to think about Bri-Bri. He had been missing for three years! She remembered the day she and Mr. Kawaii led La Frontier to Kawaii Altar and settled there. They established territories outside the Jumper. But she missed their old home back in La Frontier.

Mrs. Kawaii climbed up into the horse carriage. They were almost at the south border of Frecenìn by now.

“Hey, Orei (Mr. Kawaii’s name), do you want to have lunch now?”

“Nay,” said Mr. Kawaii, “We will stop by Blem for lunch. I heard they had a fine restaurant called Bubbi.”

“Okay…” Mrs. Kawaii sounded disappointed.

“Are you okay, Melli(Mrs. Kawaii’s name)?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just got something on my mind.”

“Well, what is it?”

“Oh, nothing… Orei, you remember when we first established an altar for Bri-Bri in his bedroom after he went missing in La Frontier?”


“It’s just that, I think maybe a part of Bri-Bri’s soul is still there, so we might be able to communicate with him if we go there.”

“It’s too late though, honey. We are already in the south and so far away from La Frontier. Actually, we’re on the opposite side of La Frontier across the desert.”

“We’re nearing Blem.” The carriage driver said.

So Mr. and Mrs. Kawaii continued on the path into Blem. They went through a tangle of roads, and finally arrived at the restaurant Bubbi. They dined at the first class section, where they ordered a chili hot pot and some shrimps.

Suddenly, the sky started to turn scarlet, and soon was blood-stained. Then there were fireballs and arrows flying around. People screamed and ran for their lives. Mr. and Mrs. Kawaii came out to see what was going on.

It was Anubis! He didn’t die last time in the battle with Chrishie and Adiale. He was injured and vanished to Blem for recovery.

“Get in here!” Shouted the carriage driver.

“No! It’s Anubis! We have to see if Bri-Bri is with him!”

Anubis was after Kawaii family’s riches. He was greedy, that’s why he attcked travellers that passed the desert “The Face of Anubis”. Anubis easily robbed all the money that the Kawaii’s have on them.

Anubis said one last thing before he left with bags of money:

“By the way, Bri-Bri is no longer with me.”

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