Chapter XXVI: The Tour in La Frontier

In the morning, TruEthan’s group met up with the man for breakfast.

“Do you want to join us doing something fun today?” asked TruEthan to the man.

“I know some fun spots we could go to!” said Bri-Bri, excitedly.

“I’ll be pleased to,” said the man, smiling.

Bri-Bri then made a list of the most famous museums, fairs, shops, vista points, and mountains.

“I vote we should go to Trinity fair!” said Bri-Bri. He likes places with crowds and shops.

“I actually want to go to the ‘Kings and Queens Museum’,” said the man, “I’ve always wanted to learn about the kings and queens of different Jumpers in Fomonda.”

“Good thinking!” said Sharo, “We could all learn a bit of history there!” Sharo loves going to museums.

“Well, that will wrap up the day,” said TruEthan.

“Let’s get going then!” said Bri-Bri.

They first set off to the Trinity fair, named after Trinity island, now known as the Kawaii floating island. The other island is called Vencilocity Island, which means “The brave that never stops” in the ancient Frontier language. This fair took place in the summer, starting on July 26th and continuing for a month, in honor of La Frontier winning Trinity island over from The Face Of Anubis. In the Trinity fair, there were roller coasters, ferris wheels, and booths with prized that you could win. When TruEthan’s group and the strange man went on the roller coaster, Bri-Bri put his hands in the air and yelled ‘this is awesome”. Everyone else did that but the strange man. When they got off, he threw up.

They decided to go play the games the booths offered instead.

“I want to win a little mousey stuff animal!” said Bri-Bri, ready for ring-toss. He tosses 3 rings in a row, they all landed on the same stick on the far end.

“Congratulations!” said the person who ran the booth, “You got yourself a big big big stuffed mousey!”

“Yay!” Bri-Bri was jubilant.

“I wanna try, too.” said the strange man.

He tossed all three rings, only one of them made it on the stick nearest to him.

“Awww, sorry,” said the man who ran the booth, “you get a little stuffed lizard.”

“Okay,” said the man, taking the lizard.

“We can go to the kings and queens museum next,” said TruEthan.

It took them about 20 minutes to walk to the museum. When they went in, the strange man had a curious look on his face.

“Look! That’s a portrait of Queen VanEvery, the first queen of La Frontier. Aww, look! That’s baby Queen VonEvirbath! There’s Queen Doom IX!” Sharo had been here before, so he knew a lot.

“Look! It’s their little daughter Princess Eskino and Prince BluFortei with their children Silverneim and Rosettte!”

Everybody now knew something about La Frontier. Then they moved on to the Purisima section. Princess Rovia knew every single one of them.

“Look! That’s Queen La Mar with her sister La Tu! More here…. King La Ki, La Fi, and La Pi!”

Everyone chuckled.

“Ya, I know. Their names in the very early days were ….. simple, but easy to remember. They evovled to become more and more complicated later. For example, that’s Queen Sachitit XXVII, King Alodio O’Via, and Queen Lifokinoailishoatino.”

Bri-Bri face-palmed himself.

“Ah! That’s Queen of Doom IX before she married to the King Lino VonHeliot in La Frontier. Then, lastly, King VonSman and Queen Sasha, the grandparents of me and my brother Prince Kale!”

As they moved on, Bri-Bri started to recognize the kings and queens of Kawaii Altar.

“That’s Majino!” said Bri-Bri, “ I’m pretty sure that’s Majino and his wife, Ponokio. And I think that guy is Majino’s son, Emperor Sakudo.”

He continued. “That’s Majino’s grandson, Renji. Oh my god! That’s the famous Sylvia and Jagarosu, and their son Klim! Klim and Welming had Kawaii who went off and started the Kawaii family! ”

When they were done with the museum, their heads were exploding with knowledge. They decided to call it off for the day and head back to the hotel.

On their way back to the hotel, the starnge man noticed a shop. The shop was called “Precious Golden Liquid”. He excused himself from the group and walked in. After a couple of hours of resting in the hotel, TruEthan’s group came back to find him. They walked into the shop and saw the strange man gulping down bottles and bottles of wine. He looked very relaxed and carefree though. He was saying random things like “Give me my turtles” and “Jajacatarisu Ali” etc. Nobody could understand what he was saying.

TruEthan was a bit concerned. So he came to the side of the man and asked,

“You’re drunk?”

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